Support for new and growing families with a cancer diagnosis

Receive traditional Doula support with the added bonus of familiarity with the effects cancer can have on a family, as well as help accessing incredible community resources.

Support for new and growing families with a cancer diagnosis.

A cancer diagnosis, or being at high risk for cancer, oftentimes is accompanied by questions, changes, and a whirlwind of new dynamics to adjust to. When your growing family is a part of the dynamic, the need for support increases exponentially.

I know this all too well. When I was 12, my Mom was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. She survived the ovarian cancer, and went on to have an incredible career as the co-founder and CEO of Cancer Support Community in Cincinnati. Sadly, she lost her fight after a long metastatic breast cancer battle in 1999. Her experience, and those of others in my family, propelled me to have genetic testing. Based on the results, I opted to respond with preventative surgeries to decrease my chances of a cancer diagnosis. My kids were very young at the time, and nothing about having multiple surgeries (5) and balancing family was easy. My saving grace was that I had an incredible support system surrounding me. We all deserve that!

My Doula services are much like traditional services, with the added benefit of experience with being at high risk for cancer or having a cancer diagnoses in the family. Additionally, I have a wonderful relationship with fantastic cancer support resources offered locally and nationally. Most of these local and national services are FREE, as is access to them through my services. My pricing is consistent with my traditional services listed on the Doula services page. If you opt to not go with Doula care, please feel free to reach out to me for these referrals anyway. My goal is to make sure that you and your family have all of the support that you want.